Friday, August 1, 2008

Long time since...

Well, it's been a long time since I blogged. I guess I just got so wrapped up in the everyday that I never sat down to write. Writing is not my strong point. My older kids finished a week of cooking camp July 11. Joe took Tae Kwon Do pictures on the 12th. I managed to get quite a "honey-do" list from my honey that afternoon! I got my new permanent dental bridge on the 16th. We travelled to Lake Placid, NY for Craig's Ironman race on the 17th. We took a cool bobsled ride and visited the Olympic ski jump facility on the 18th. We visited the North Pole (actually North Pole, NY) on the 19th. Craig started his Ironman Lake Placid race at 7am on the 20th and he finished at 9:45 pm that night. He finished 6 minutes faster than his last race and did it with 13 hours of rough rain and a smile. The kids and I saw him at 11:45, 3:45, and 9:45. His 1/2 marathon time never registered, and was I ever glad to see him at the finish line. I try hard not to worry, but I was worried then. I kept checking my phone for messages and the computer for times. I had other people checking the computer too. Anyway, that's something for me to work on. Monday we drove up to the peak of Whiteface mountain (over 4000 feet above sea level) and then took an awe-inspiring and frightening gondola ride on another side of Whiteface. I worked very hard not to show my fear to the kids. It is really a beautiful place. Going back to the hotel, we stopped at High Falls Gorge...just gorgeous (no pun intended). I got some really cool pictures. On the way home, we saw a boulder in the falling rock zone of the highway. It amazes me how trees grow on the side of the rock walls. The next day we did the touristy shopping thing. I'm sure the Lake Placid commerce department was happy.:) We came home on Wednesday. Anna did really well on the flights. The last one was the worst.

Erin went the ballet on Thursday. I had girl scout training that night.
We tried out Saturday night church.
Mom and Melody came for a visit! We had a really great time. We went shopping on Sunday afternoon. I had Kidstuf practice that evening. I hated being away from them, but I think it gave them a good time to spend with the kids. We went to brunch the next morning at The Broken Egg Cafe. Yummy!
Joe started football agility clinics on Tuesday. Craig went to Cincinnati on Wednesday for business. I picked out 6 month portraits for Anna on Wednesday as well. It has rained almost every day this week. I have done innumerable loads of laundry and dishes. Whoever said the only things certain in life are death and taxes must not have been a housewife.
A new month has started and I'll try to blog more frequently.

Favorite quotes and thoughts:

"Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength."
Corrie Ten Boom

Until next time,

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