Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello again. Well my husband and I have now known each other for 20 years. I started college 20 years ago this week and we met on the first day. My nephew started college this week. Where or where does the time go?! We've been busy. Erin has dance 4 nights a week. She really likes her new teacher and is excited about starting back at talented art. Joe has started football practice and cello. Joe's team is the Tigers. Purple and gold. Sigh. I am going to have to overcome my lifelong dislike of Tiger teams. He adds Cub Scouts next week. He really seems to like his new teachers, but has quite a bit of homework. Anna has a new tooth and has started a creeping/crawl...2 hands, one foot up and drag the backside. She can get anywhere and when placed on the stairs, climbs right up. She is quite the picky punishment I suppose.

Except for last weekend, I've done pretty good at cooking for my family. Monday, we had a Macaroni Grill chicken mix and canned green beans. Last night we had crunchy pork chops, gravy, mac & cheese, and fresh green beans. Tonight we are going to have slow-cooker BBQ pork sandwiches and cole slaw. Hopefully, we'll have leftovers tommorow night.

My foot is healing nicely. No real pain anymore, but it is still not completely closed and is tender.

Life is good.


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