Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy month

It's been a busy, busy month. I took the kids to Audubon's Insectarium on the Tuesday before school started. Anna really didn't understand what was going on...surprise! Joe and Erin really loved it. I was again amazed at how diverse the world many types of beetles. I really like that they mentioned divine design, bugs are a bit to complex and varied to have just evolved. Anyhoo. Erin had dental and doctor visits on Wednesday to replace an old filling and treat an ear infection. Anna went to the doctor too. The ear tugging is probably related to all the new teeth trying to make their way out of her gums. School started on 8/8/08. Joe has Mrs. Marino and Mrs. Todd. Erin has Mrs. Breaux. They seemed to like their teachers. We went to Saturday night church and the next morning, Iwent to Adult Bible Fellowship (aka, Sunday School) and then sang for Kidstuf...I bombed one song. Perfect in practice almost always equals bomb during performance. Aargh. Erin had dance 4 nights this week. Joe had football evals on Thursday and Friday. My meal plans worked pretty well. We had pork chops, meat loaf and brisket. Pretty yummy week. I had foot surgery on Wednesday. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Craig was a dear and stayed home with me that day. He did laundry and dishes and whatever needed to be done for the rest of this week too. And, he finished school for this session this afternoon. Happy, Happy face! Joe got his first degree level 3 black belt today. He was very happy. Erin stayed home and worked on a Brownie scrapbook. I did housework this morning then decided to rest most of the rest of the day because of mild foot swelling. My foot is just not comfortable. Walking funny is bothering my right ankle and making my left leg tired. My back doesn't like it either, but it is not in spasms as it was last week. This will pass. Anna loves to stand and has crawled for her Daddy and sister, but not me. She does manage to move herself about 2 feet scooting on her bottom. Her upper teeth are about to erupt. She is just precious. She's so happy. Life is good.

8/8/88-my wonderful grandfather passed from this world to the next. Happy, healthy again, and handsome. I was 17, about 2 weeks from starting college and imagining where I would be in 20 years; very sad, but still so hopeful about my future.
8/8/08-my son started 5th grade, my daughter, 3rd. My baby was 8 months and 1 day old. Happy, healthy, handsome and beautiful. I was 37, married to a great guy I met on the first day of college, living in a beautiful home in a wonderful town. "God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame." Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Enjoying God's gifts,


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