Friday, August 3, 2012

summer 2012

Summer is almost over at our home...busy and mostly fun would describe it I believe.

Joe really enjoyed his time at NSU Advance, BigStuf and his cousin's house.  The rest of the summer has been football and band practice.  He managed to squeeze in a camping weekend with the Boy Scouts.  Last night was Freshmen can that be possible?????

Erin stuck around the house most of the summer, much to her dismay.  She enjoyed a week at Camp Fuego, dance intensive, a few sleepovers with friends and is now in dance line clinic.  She has 2 major school projects to finish.  I don't understand why they must give summer projects for school.  She's heading into 7th grade and is taller than me at 5'7".

Anna learned how to swim this summer!  She had lots of fun playing with her sister at home...just what summer should be!

Lauren finally got the nerve to jump into the pool!  She turned 3 at the end of June and is currently potty training...almost there!  I'm sure Target is missing my diaper money!

The big kids start school on Thursday, August 9th and the littles on Monday, August 13.

I am looking for a part-time job as a nurse practitioner.  Need to keep up my certification and the extra money would not be shunned.

Photos of summer

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Saw this at King's Hardware the other day...didn't buy it, but I just LOVE it!  This says exactly how I feel about the beach!