Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall is in the air

Hello all. The past week has been fun. Just having Craig back has been such a help. Someone to cuddle at night and help with all the car activities in the evening! Joe went to Williamsburg, VA last Thursday through this Monday. I do believe he had a blast. Friday was Parish Fair Day and the kids were off school. I kept C & J all day. Erin, C & J played outside with sidewalk chalk and ball; inside, they played video games and made clay sculptures. Saturday was busy with voting and buying new tennis shoes. Erin and Craig went to the parish fair that night and had a lot of fun. I decided to stay home instead of pushing around Anna in the stroller. Sunday was church and eating out at George's. Yum. We rearranged the bedroom and office. We went out to The Pizza Man restaurant with some neighbors. Yum again!

Joe came home Monday night. It was so great to see him. He was wearing a bright red neck pillow on his head. He's so funny. He had a tooth pulled this morning. A baby tooth with a huge cavity that the dentist has been watching finally caused him pain, so out it came. What a fun way to spend the morning! What a blessing to have dental insurance and a dentist that will see you the day after you call.

Erin had sore feet tonight after dance class. After eating, bathing, homework and playing the piano, she got a foot massage. She really liked that.

Anna is busy. She can crawl anywhere and get into just about anything. The kitchen drawers are her current favorites. She especially love the coffee drawer. She dumped out about a 1/4 pound of coffee all over herself on Sunday. Boy, did she smell good! She is quite confused that all the other bags don't empty out like that one, but she keeps trying. It is a sight to behold.

Life is busy and good. We've been enjoying some glorious fall weather the past few days. Blue skies, 80 degrees and less than 90% humidity. Very nice.