Monday, June 30, 2008

The tile is beautiful...

Today was pretty good. I tidied up Joe and Erin's rooms. I tried to go to the gym to meet with my trainer, but had no available child care so I had to postpone. The guys started laying out tile in my kitchen today. It looks really nice, far better than what was there before. Hopefully, it will be finished by Wednesday. We had to eat out lunch and dinner. Times Grill and La Carreta's. Anna really likes finger food, so I went to the grocery for some gerber graduates. Craig should be home sometime tomorrow. No news from Joe. Erin started JFI (junior fitness) at the gym today, so I worked out then. I didn't have a trainer, but I did have childcare. I am trying to exercise more. Anna pulled up today. She's growing too fast. Melody said I walked pretty early, so maybe she'll be like me in that respect. I think she may favor her left hand as well. I saw the most beautiful sunset tonight, all pinks and dusty blues, just gorgeous. God's handiwork is so amazing.

Lightning hit one of my maple trees a few weeks ago and it evidently did a lot of electrical damage to our outside lighting and our irrigation system. At least we didn't have a house fire or have the lightning hit one of the kids. Everything that is broken is replaceable.

Good days.

Off to camp

Joe left for camp 11:30 PM. I took the baby with me and she slept the whole time. My sister-in-law stayed with Erin so I didn't have to corral 3 kids. :) I think Joe is excited but I definitely got a Joe squeeze hug before he got on the bus. He gives great hugs. I can't believe I'm letting him go to South Carolina without me. He's getting so grown up.

Today was church, eating at Thai Palace and last minute shopping at Walmart. We finally packed Joe's bag and I took the coward's way out of dinner and ordered pizza. I tried to be as laid back as possible so Joe could have a nice day. I even let him watch Boomerang all day, since he won't get much tv this week. Erin played at Emily's for a while and caught tadpoles. She wanted to keep them as pets. When I told her no, she proceeded to ask for a puppy.

Hopefully men will show up tomorrow morning to lay my new kitchen tile. I hope the weather is cool like it was today, since the dogs will have to be outside for most/all day.

Craig is still in Florida. It sounds like it was a productive day for his MBA homework and for his responsibilities at this convention for work. He is still training for the Ironman.


Saturday, June 28, 2008


I am so wishing the floor was complete! Yesterday was nice. Craig took the day off since he's working out of town this weekend. He took a long bike ride, had lunch with us at McAllister's and had a massage...all before 2:30 pm. He took the older kids to Kung Fu Panda. I stayed at home and napped with Anna. We went out to eat at this great new restaurant, The Rusty Pelican. The crab cakes are yummy. I got home and realized Erin had a sleepover and delivered her late. She tells me they stayed up until 2:30am. I'm definitely not young enough for that anymore. The baby and I have some interesting conversations at 2:30am...

Today was nice too. Folding I just have to get it all put away. I'm still having to go to my sister-in-law's house to wash and dry laundry. Thank goodness she is only a half mile away now. Craig swam about 4000 yards this morning. The Ironman race is in about a month and this training craziness will be over soon. He came home and swam with the kids. Our A/C went out Thursday night and the guy came to give us an estimate for repair/replacement. Ouch! Craig took the kids to an awesome playground at the Koop Drive trailhead. We had lunch at the Camellia Grill. Craig left for Florida from there and we came home. I plan on doing another load of laundry and just hanging out with the kids. I need to start packing for Joe's camp. Busy, busy, busy.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 26

Today was relatively quiet. The kids went to art camp. Some guys came and took up my tile floor. Hopefully by Wednesday all will be finished. We ate out at Roly Poly for lunch and Mandina's for supper. The house is incredibly dusty. My husband scheduled a massage for me this evening and that was really nice. Rambles, rambles, rambles.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 25

Today was busy. Joe and Erin had art camp. I cleaned off th dining room table and paid bills. We had sandwiches for lunch. The handyman came by to dismantle my laundry room. The guys should come by tomorrow to start taking up my kitchen floor. We had supper at church. Craig did an awesome job of clearing away more of the kitchen stuff. Anna has missed her regular naps today. She's tired and fussy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hi! This is my first attempt at blogging. I want to journal more and just never get around to sitting down and writing. I sit at the computer everyday though, so this might be a good way to journal. Today was a good day. Joe and Erin went to art camp for the morning. I stayed home with Anna because of her fever. I was able to get a few bits of clutter-busting done. Tuna/egg salad for lunch. Yummy hot ham and swiss sandwiches for supper. Busy day, but good.