Monday, June 30, 2008

Off to camp

Joe left for camp 11:30 PM. I took the baby with me and she slept the whole time. My sister-in-law stayed with Erin so I didn't have to corral 3 kids. :) I think Joe is excited but I definitely got a Joe squeeze hug before he got on the bus. He gives great hugs. I can't believe I'm letting him go to South Carolina without me. He's getting so grown up.

Today was church, eating at Thai Palace and last minute shopping at Walmart. We finally packed Joe's bag and I took the coward's way out of dinner and ordered pizza. I tried to be as laid back as possible so Joe could have a nice day. I even let him watch Boomerang all day, since he won't get much tv this week. Erin played at Emily's for a while and caught tadpoles. She wanted to keep them as pets. When I told her no, she proceeded to ask for a puppy.

Hopefully men will show up tomorrow morning to lay my new kitchen tile. I hope the weather is cool like it was today, since the dogs will have to be outside for most/all day.

Craig is still in Florida. It sounds like it was a productive day for his MBA homework and for his responsibilities at this convention for work. He is still training for the Ironman.


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