Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back again...

Things got hectic. Craig's birthday on the 3rd. Erin, Anna and I went and had lunch at a Korean restaurant in Metairie with him. We gave him new shoes, a book, and a couple of cards. The A/C broke again on the 3rd. The 4th started with "4 on the 4th", a four mile running race. Craig ran and strollered Anna. She loved it. Erin ran the 1/2 mile kids run. Erin received a gold coin and flag for her participation. She came in 3rd for the hula-hooping contest and third for the pie-eating contest. It was strawberry/rhubarb and she said it was awful. The rest of the day was celebrated with my sister-in-law and nephews-grilling and the pool, then fireworks. Joe came home! (At 11:45pm.) It sure was great to get one of his squeezy hugs. Craig took a long bike ride on the 5th, his last because the Ironman race is soon. We grilled out again because the A/C was out. The kids loved playing with their cousins. Sunday was church and trying to get the house back in order. The kids started Young Chef's Academy camp on Monday. It's all about presentation this week. They are really having fun. The A/C guys came on Tuesday to install a new unit.:):):) The engine light came on in my car on the 3rd and I took it in...I need a new transmission for $4400. We decided on a new white minivan instead. If the Honda Odyssey came in candy apple red, it would be perfect. It's very close to perfect. I feel like my wallet is floating because it is so light. Our handyman came by today and finished all the shoe molding and repositioned a cabinet in the laundry room. It looks better and bigger. We are still waiting on the t-molding for the wood to tile transitions. I am trying to get everything back together in the kitchen and laundry room. Today I had a podiatry appt, a dentist appt and Erin had a dentist appt. Joe went to TKD. Erin missed her end of year girl scout party. Oops.
Wow, this gets long when I miss a few days.


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