Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The cleaning begins...

The tile work is completed! It is beautiful. There is some finish work to be completed such as the quarter-round shoe mouldings and the transition pieces for the hardwood. It will be nice when it is all completed. It is still so much better than what we had. And now, the cleaning begins. Having an open floor plan is great for parties, but it is not so great for renovations. Dust is everywhere. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Anna is preparing to crawl. She sits up then leans over on her hands and rocks forward. Then she falls on her belly and gets so mad.

Erin is having fun this week at Junior Fitness Instruction. We are planning to go to Metairie tomorrow to eat lunch with Craig for his birthday.

I got a very nice message from Kelley, the childrens' minister saying that Joe is doing great at camp this week. I am really missing him. It's a bit quieter around the house.

The days are good, very good.

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