Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to blog world

Well, I guess I missed my every 2 week posting plan! I was planning on blogging the week of Oct. 26, but a sad life event happened and unnecessary things paused. My brother, Eddy, died that day. It was a beautiful day and I had done many fun things. Hearing my mom tell me of his passing was especially hard. Those are hard words for moms to say and sisters to hear. I had spoken to him that day and found out his favorite color, "I guess blue." Travel and funeral and more travel. Halloween and then finding out I'm pregnant again. Boy, that was a busy and emotional week. We are very happy to be pregnant again. I have made it to the 13 week mark, therefore officially in the second trimester! We travelled to Shreveport again for Thanksgiving. My sister, Melody, became very ill. There have not been many nights that I've spent an hour on my knees crying out to God to heal someone, but I did that night. She is recovering quite well. We had a really nice Christmas. We missed my brother, Jamie, and his wife, Robin, as they were preparing to go to India for a mission trip. My husband and son went hunting, but didn't see anything. Erin got to spend some quality time with her beloved aunt. Mom became ill, but after lots of meds and TLC from a neighbor, seems to be on the mend. Craig is preparing to go to Dubai and Shanghai next week. I'm not really sure how I'll handle all the details while he's away. I guess that needs to be a matter of prayer. I am trying to read the Bible through this year. Craig got me a daily chronological version of the Bible and it's really cool.

Anna learned how to walk on Christmas Eve. She got a baby doll for Christmas and rubs her head when it's time to go "night-night," just like we rub Anna's head to relax her to sleep. She got 2 new teeth in December. She helps unload the dishwasher; she especially likes handing me spoons.

Even with some tough stuff this fall, life is still very good.


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